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Thanks, i read the car fax and no accidents, nothing but 2 oil changes and it's had 3 owners. When i go to pick it up, I will look at the oil, transmission fluid, feel the wheels for rotor wear. All the things i should have done before i put the 500.00 down.

i'm so excited. I've been waiting since 2012 to get back into a gmc sierra. I've never seen such a clean used truck but that's probably standard for detailing. seating is perfect. no power seats but everything else is. The truck has an aftermarket GPS navigation system with CD slot. I sure hope it works. They showed me the back up screen so so far so good but i didn't press any buttons. i couldn't even see the darn thing very well. Tax is a lot here in WA. but out the door price tax, lic registration 11.400, I have been looking on auto trader and other sites for the year '07 and '08 as these are the 2 models i wanted to look into with what settlement money i was to receive. I couldn't find another extended cab with lower miles but i only checked within 200 miles from me. I am so excited, i went from major league trucks to the poor house and now i'm back to a major league truck again.
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