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Originally Posted by alan View Post
204 gmc sierra sle ext cab 5.3ltr 4wd.i used the test light from the battry post to the battery cable and it shows a drain.why wont the test light go out when i remove each fuse one at a time.shouldnt that isolate the bad circut?so i could chase it from there.did the fuse remove thing on both fuse blocks and the test light never went out.WTH?i have three positive battery cables.1 for the fuse block,one for the plow,one for the starter.the drain is on the one for the fuse block no other.ive looked for chaffed wires everywhere.under dash,under truck(i have a lift),under hood.i used a multimeter from pos.cable to pos terminal of battery and it says anywhere fron 5 to 7 volts draining?
clean the connections on that cable, on the wire and where they connect, I suspect this does not discharge the battery,
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