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GMC Forum: 2016 Canyon Transmission/Acceleration Issues
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Old 06-28-2018, 10:18 AM
mattman86 mattman86 is offline
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Default 2016 Canyon Transmission/Acceleration Issues

TL;DR My 2016 Canyon shifts very weirdly and loses power at the most inopportune moments. Moments such as the freeway or just accelerating on my daily commute. Any advice? Would this be covered under warranty?

So I've had my beautiful new 2016 Canyon since November and have thoroughly enjoyed it. However, I'm starting to have some transmission related issues I'll describe them below and if you have any advice, please let me know.

2016 GMC Canyon SLE Crew Cab
3.6L V6
Automatic Transmission

Scenario 1, The Freeway:
Imagine yourself in your nice new vehicle heading down the freeway at 70mph (Speed limit here is 80mph). You're coming up on some slower traffic in your lane. So, as you get closer and have to slow to 60mph, you decide to change lanes and go around. As you turn on your signal and prepare to move over, you push down on the accelerator expecting to speed up. Instead, nothing happens... So, you push down a little more. This time, your vehicle seems to actually lose power and you begin to slow down a little. You then push the accelerator down a little more. Suddenly, your vehicle shifts down and you're off like a rocket.

Scenario 2, The Drag Race:
You're stopped at a signal light and the car next to you starts revving their engine and egging you on. Smiling slightly, you rev your engine a little and all 300 horses under the hood scream out in excitement. The light turns green. You both mash down on the pedal without mercy. Your opponent takes off as your vehicle loses power and seemingly struggles to get through the intersection. Once through, the intersection, your vehicle shifts down and takes off... but it's too late.

Scenario 3, He Turned Left!:
Again, you approach a signal light. As you get closer, you begin to slow down and come to a stop while signaling to turn. Thinking there is enough room to get out onto the road in front of the vehicle that is coming, you begin to accelerate while turning onto the road. All is going well. You are accelerating pass 10mpg... then 20mph. The vehicle behind you is getting closer but you don't mind because you are getting up to speed with no problems. You accelerate to 30mph... then to 40mph. Then it happens. Your vehicle shifts and you lose power. Suddenly, the vehicle behind you is within feet of your bumper. They are honking and waving obscenities. You have no choice but to push the accelerator down. Nothing happens. You push it farther. Still nothing. Next thing you know, you are flooring it just to get the vehicle to shift and accelerate to 45mph.
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Old 06-29-2018, 08:49 AM
mattman86 mattman86 is offline
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Drives a GMC Truck
Join Date: Jun 2018
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I took my Canyon into the dealership yesterday after work and told the mechanic all about the issue. He said that he know exactly how to fix the issue.

Apparently, there are a few updates to the ECM an TCM that are needed that will change the shift timings. I've got it scheduled for Monday morning.

He told me that until it gets fixed, I should drive with the Tow/Haul switch on. I did this on my way home from work and it actually works like a new truck again.
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Old 10-25-2018, 11:41 AM
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My 2017 SLT with 23k just started to shudder and the RPM would bounce 200 rpm's with the noticeable hesitation. Also been noticing a shifting issue between gears.Dealer is talking it in and expects to replace the Torque Converter, seems to be a common issue for what I have going on.
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