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GMC Forum: 1994 K1500 Suburban - Brake Pedal Goes to the Floor
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Old 02-10-2018, 07:19 PM
Commander5995 Commander5995 is offline
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Drives a GMC K1500 Suburban
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Default 1994 K1500 Suburban - Brake Pedal Goes to the Floor

Hey all , been lurking about the site for a bit, thought it was time to join and make it official

I've got a 94' K1500 Suburban that we recently just started driving, and have been working on a number of issues for the past month.

The most needful of which is the brakes. We knew something was wrong with the brakes when we first drove it, it just didn't feel right. Also we noticed shortly later that the brake pedal sunk to far to the floor, and required to much travel and pressure to get the truck to stop.

We found that the front right caliper was froze up, both front brake hoses were going bad, the line that goes to the rear passenger wheel cylinder was rusted through and leaking, and the axle seal on the passenger rear wheel was completely blown and had coated everything inside the drum (including the shoes) with a heavy coat of oil and schmoo, so it obviously had been leaking bad for a while.

So basically the only brake that had been actually working was the front drivers side... oh and someone has screwed with the emergency brake cable and it wasn't working either...

What we have done so far (concerning the brakes at least):

Both new front calipers, new pads, new front brake hoses, replaced one of the rear wheel cylinders, completely cleaned all the oil and schmoo off the entire passenger rear hub, had to pull the right rear axle to replace the bad wheel (axle) oil seal, new rear shoes and springs, and cut out and replaced the bad section of brake line.

Just finished bleeding the brakes today, but the pedal still doesn't feel right.
With the engine off, the pedal is obviously stiffer. But I (being a 6'4" 280lb male) can still push the pedal down at least near the floor. With the engine running, the pedal goes very easily all the way to the floor.

I'm thinking its the master cylinder. As the brake booster seems to be ok.
I'm really REALLY hoping that it is not the ABS "pump"? module? or whatever you want to call it.

One question I have about the ABS is how do you bleed it? And would it even need it??? If it does need bled, could this be causing the issue??

Any Input would be Much Appreciated!

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Old 06-28-2018, 03:40 PM
grouchyoldbiker grouchyoldbiker is offline
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Drives a 1998 GMC Suburban
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I'm a new kid on the block (forum) but have a fair amount of experience repairing my own vehicles. First, make sure all the bleeder nipples are facing down. If it is facing up you'll get an air bubble in the caliper and never get them bled properly. Had that problem when I bought a caliper for my Jimmy. Right part number on the box, but wrong caliper. It bolted up no problem, but peddle was extremely soft.

Unless the peddle is pulsing when you step on the brakes you can pretty much count out the ABS module. Had that problem on my Jimmy too.
Also use a flashlight and look under the dash where the brake booster bolts to the firewall. Sometimes they will leak on the inside but you won't know it looking at it under the hood. Good Luck...
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