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GMC Forum: '09 Acadia Overheating & low oil pressure
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Old 07-11-2013, 01:22 AM
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Exclamation '09 Acadia Overheating & low oil pressure

I am at wits end!!! I bought a used 09 Acadia SLT-2 at the end of April from a Kia Dealership (Mistake #1!). Since the car was purchased, it has been back and forth to the dealer 5 times.

When I purchased the car, the salesman started the car using the remote start as we were walking up to the car. I didnít notice the car had a knocking sound on startup, or Id have walked away immediately. (Mistake #2!)

After I got the car home, I noticed the knocking and also that the car seemed to have a slow start. Almost like it was having a tough time turning over. The car was also running a bit over 210 degrees at times where it would get about 3/4 of the way between 210 & 260 and then randomly drop back to normal 210. We also noticed that there was what seemed to be oil in the exhaust pipes. On the way back to the dealer, I was stopped at a red light, and got a low oil pressure warning. As soon as I stepped on the gas, it went away.

We immediately brought the car back. The service department fixed the rotors and installed new tires (which was promised upon purchase) and "looked into the other issues" I was told that all GMs have the knock on startup, and being that it goes away after a few seconds, not to worry about it. Also we were told they couldnít replicate the high temperature conditions and were told that the oil in the exhaust was actually just "soot from the exhaust" and that it too was normal.

I continued to have issues with the temp randomly raising well past normal operating temp, and falling to 210 as if the car was struggling to regulate itself. The starting (randomly)
Became so labored that I swore I was going to be stranded. And so, we brought it back.

We were told this time (after them having the car for a week) that the battery was bad, and they couldnít replicate the issue with the temp. $190. Later for a new battery.... The truck started right up at the dealer.

I got the car home, went to start it just a few mins later.. Slow start again!!!

We bring the car back again as the temp was still all over the place, low oil pressure warning still happening, and the start was still slow. (Obviously not the Battery - Hence waste of $190 bucks!!)

This time, they brought it (supposedly) to a GM dealer, and they reset the computer. I was told that GMs have a slow start when there is an issue as a way of protecting itself from further damage, and that the computer being reset would clear any false conditions, and that this should fix the temp as well.
Note: I say "supposedly" because I know the car was not brought to the GM dealer local to the dealership where I bought the car!

I didnít even make it home, and the temp was nearly at 260 (no warning lights/messages!!) I turned around, and went back!!!

This time, the KIA dealership definitely took the car back to the GM dealer (I spoke to the technician who worked on the car), who replaced the water pump.

We picked up the truck, and while the temp was higher than 210, it was steady at just about 2 clicks above. (It was also 100 degrees outside) So we decided to wait and see how it was at night when it was cooler. Later that night, the temp was randomly climbing way too high again... The low oil pressure message was now coming on every time the car was in drive & idle.

Which brings us to yesterdayís events...We were on the way back to the dealer yet again, when the truck completely overheated and shut down while driving on the highway. After sitting on the side of the road for 3+ hours on a 95 degree day, the car was TOWED back to the dealer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Though I love this truck, Ive told them that I donít even want it back. No one can seem to figure out what the problem is, and I donít feel the least bit safe driving it, and wonít dream of putting my kids in it!!

Does anyone know what a combination of the following could indicate & any suggestions on what to do? (I feel like Iím being jerked around by this dealer!)
  • Slow Start
  • Low Oil Pressure light when Idle
  • Overheating (randomly)
  • Oil in exhaust
  • loss of performance
  • Knocking at startup

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