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GMC Forum: Active Fuel Management
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Old 12-22-2017, 04:10 PM
LindsayMcColl LindsayMcColl is offline
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Default Active Fuel Management

I am a longtime satisfied Yukon Denali owner. I have purchased 2 new Yukon Denalis, 1 Yukon Denali XL and (due to a brief lapse in judgment) a Buick Enclave over the past 13 years. I have been loyal to the GM brand and have always been satisfied. My current 2015 Yukon XL Denali purchased new has had quite a few issues, several recalls, etc. I have been happy with the resolution of these problems with the dealer. The latest issue has been diagnosed as a bent push rod, broken lifter, broken valve spring. I know absolutely nothing about cars. I had to watch a YouTube video on how engines work to understand what this even meant. Even with my limited understanding, it was not difficult to link this problem to the Active Fuel Management System. There is a load of information out there from consumers and mechanics who have dealt with this issue. There is a current GMC service bulletin about this very problem. The dealer is willing to fix the broken engine components under the current powertrain warranty, but does not want to address the AFM system itself. The problem is so prevalent that one can buy after market AFM delete kits! I contacted the GM customer complaint line, but they were unwilling to replace all 16 lifters, lifter retainers, push rods and head gaskets and delete the AFM programming to address this underlying problem. The general answer I have gotten is that they will fix broken components as they arise under the powertrain warranty at no cost to me only. This just is not a satisfactory resolution from GM about a known problem with the Active Fuel Management. When I became aware of this problem, my vehicle stalled out at an intersection while I was making a turn! That is not safe. Buyer, beware if you are considering purchasing a GM product with Active Fuel Management! So far I have spoken with one customer service rep from GM and intend to pursue the matter further. Any thoughts on this problem? I would appreciate any relevant advice. Thanks!
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Old 04-13-2018, 07:15 PM
Knowles Richard Knowles Richard is offline
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Hello Lindsay. Sorry to hear about your Yukon troubles You didn't state your miles so this might just be a bandage but it sounds from your story your AFM is the gremlin. there are many after market computer programmers and AFM deletes That will give you all the time v8 mode to help this problem However being your still under warranty you can not take it to the dealer while the ecm is tuned with AFM off Which each tuner has the ability to tune back to stock setting or unplug it and see if the dealer finds out this has been done its up to you But I personally would run the warranty out because internal parts have already been replaced so you have a record of this I tuned my 2013 gmc sierra 5.3 and 86ed that stupid AFM and did other tunes and the results are great and I am still under warranty Read the forums Good luck hang in there
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