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    Service suspension system?

    STICKY ! Pardon me for not posting my question in the appropriate forum. I appreciate your letting me know that I posted it in the wrong place but it MIGHT be helpful to have added into your critique what the correct place would be for me to post a question.
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    07 Denali- service suspension system?

    I don't know exactly what the problem is with the suspension but it rides like a tank and with the roads being as bad as they are I need to do something about it. I'm not sure if I should fix the air ride system which I've heard has some considerable problems, or if I should just switch over to...
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    heat blower motor starts up if I kick under the glove box

    The heater blower motor sometimes starts up by itself but if it's not blowing and I give it a whack with my fist under the glove compartment it seems to start up just fine. I don't know if it's the motor or a switch or a resistor if someone could point me in the direction of what I need to...
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    Advice request 07 Denali heater blower problem

    I am very much new to The Forum Community this is my first venture into searching through forums to address some of the issues I have with my truck. I'm certainly not a mechanic but I have the tools and if I know what I'm looking for I can USUALLY fix it myself unless it requires a lift. Again...
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    I just purchased a 2012 Almost Fully Loaded Acadia. I would appreciate it if you would share any advice, suggestions, comments and or concerns you may have. Current Mileage: 19,222 Known issues: Recalls: Front Driver & Passenger Seat Belt Anchors Side Impact Airbag Sensor (**Appointment made...
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    Need some help

    Hey guys, I am not too knowledgeable about getting the most for your money when it comes to lifting your truck. I have a 95 gmc sierra ext cab. The thing was my first car and is my baby. She only has a leveling kit and the torsion bars cranked up. I have been wanting to lift her for a while now...