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    98 sonoma Temp skyrockets in traffic.

    My 98 Sonoma temp skyrockets in crawling traffic But as soon as i get going temp goes right back to the normal spot between 100 and 210. Thermostat? Heat is fine. 2.2l if it matters.
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    engine not getting hot

    I have a 97 GMC Savanna, recently replaced the heat control valve and thermostat. The engine will not get to temperature. Before I replaced the thermostat, the gauge registered around 100, then afterwards it goes to somewhere between the 100 and hovering around the big line at I guess about...
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    2004 Envoy

    My wife left the radio and DVD player on while waiting for the kids to get out of school yesterday, and killed the battery. A man in line with her jumped the Envoy off and the Envoy started right up. However now the radio, heated seat, AC/Heat, windows and door locks do not work. I checked all...
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    96 Jimmy thermostat rising on idle

    Hello. I just bought a 1996 GMC Jimmy with a few issues. Since I'm not rolling in cash I'm hoping to manage some of the repairs myself. First out of the gate is the temperature problem that I didn't notice a couple days ago. The Jimmy starts smoothly and there are no strange noises coming...