1. N

    GM CP4 CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT - Duramax Diesel

    Hey all, Another post with a question for all the diesel owners out there. It turns out the Duramax engines don't do so well on US diesel fuel due to its level of refinement. Seems the fuel pump does not get properly lubricated and it can result in metal in the fuel system and engine. Sadly this...
  2. N

    2013 GMS Sierra 3500 Navigation Unit - Upgrade options???

    Greetings all, I am, as of yesterday a proud owner of a 2013 GMC Sierra 3500 Denali. I love the truck and am still working on figuring out all the buttons, options and instruments. I have found much that I love and just a few things that I do not. I am looking for suggestions on the items that I...
  3. T

    2007 GMC Sierra Classic Glove Box Latch

    I broke my glove box latch and ordered a new one from RockAuto. I can't figure out how to replace it. It looks like a bunch of rivets I need to drill out on the inside of the box. Is that correct? HELP!
  4. S

    GMC Reaches New Heights with Next Gen 2019 Sierra Elevation

    Double-cab model boasts a bold and confident attitude with elevated capability The launch of the next generation Sierra lineup continues with the introduction of the new 2019 GMC Sierra Elevation. Adding to other recently revealed bold, powerful models of the Sierra, the Elevation makes a...
  5. N

    2001 Sierra 2500 Torque Specs?

    I'm looking for the torque specs on a couple parts for my truck. It is a 2001 2500. I need the bolt specs for the Idler arm, Idler arm bracket, the pitman arm, and the steering gear box. Thanks in advance for any help.
  6. BigWhite

    2014 GMC HID Conversion/LED's

    Hey guys just bought a 2014 GMC SLT All terrain and the stock headlights suck. doing a HID conversion on headlights but I read the fog light lens covers like to melt. anyone know if this is still an issue or if theres a fix?? Also wanting to put LED's in license plate lights. I got the bulb...
  7. J

    2008 GMC Sierra Denali 6.2L Engine question

    I've been looking at buying a new vehicle. I'm looking mostly at 2010 Chevy Suburban and '10 Cadillac EXT's. My father owns a 2008 GMC Sierra Denali and for the ease of it I have been considering buying his truck. In my research I've read a little bit about that engine having some issues...
  8. F

    Grille Ideas

    I have a 1997 Sierra and its in incredible shape, ballistic rims, flares, dual kicker exhaust, blah blah, anyways I need grille ideas, I hate the look of the stock gmc and grille but places like RBP aren't well known for making parts for this old of a truck, any ideas? studded, mesh etc? Also...
  9. 0

    Denali front bumper! 2009

    Ok guys, Im always reading on the blog and decided since I am on here so much...why not join. So my first noob question is Where can i find a denali front bumper for my 2009 sierra? I called around to a few shops saying not to paint the chrome that it would more than likely flake. Any help...
  10. S

    2014 Sierra Spare Tire Storage Capacity

    Has any one ever placed a larger tire in the spare tire/wheel storage under the bed of their truck? I assume they have some clearance under there? I was wondering if anyone has increased their oem tire size and added a larger spare? What size will fit? I myself am going to a LT295/55R20...
  11. O

    Ignition timing off.

    I have a 95 Sierra. I threw a rod a couple of weeks ago and have since replaced with a reman 350. everything together fired right up and runs pretty good. The problem, when Use a timing light to set the timing. it says that it is very far off. If I bring the timing to 0 degrees, the truck...
  12. J

    Fuel Economy Programmer/Chip 1500 Sierra

    Hi, i have a 2010 GMC Sierra with the 5.3 in it, extended cab. And im looking to up the fuel economy and a little bit of power to play with. I was just curious on what other owners have chose to put in their trucks because there are so many options to choose from.
  13. W

    2005 GMC Sierra 2500HD canopy fitting help!

    My boyfriend has a 2005 GMC Sierra 2500HD extended cab long bed truck and I found a canopy deal, but want to make sure it will fit. The measurement on our truck is 68" wide by 8'4" long (outside) and the canopy I'm looking at says 68" wide by 8' long. Will this fit? Is my truck really considered...
  14. J

    Poor sound quality with blue tooth

    My prior 2010 sierra had wonderful bluetooth quality. No complaints from the other end. But i have had nothing but complaints with this new 2013 sierra. Nothing changed as far as a different phone etc. the "other end" says its like im sitting in the back seat while in a tin can. The back...
  15. G

    Vacuum Reservoir Headache

    We have a 1994 GMC Sierra 2500, 4WD HD with automatic, A/C and a 350 V8. It has a round vacuum reservoir with two hoses and it's not connected. The Internet using Google has yielded ZERO useable info. I find the round vacuum reservoir - but they show only one hose coming from it. Heck, all we...
  16. I

    I need some advice

    I am a college student and do not have too much money. I have a 95 gmc sierra ext cab,4X4, 6ft bed, 5.7 v8, no rust no probs that just has a redylift leveling kit. As most of you know Gmc's sit so low stock and even with a 2 in redylift, my buddies stock fords tower over mine. I would like to...
  17. J

    2009 1500 suddenly rough and lost power

    Yesterday truck running fine, today check engine light on in morning and running fine and then all of sudden "stabilitrack off" light came on and began running very rough and had basically no power. had to limp home. any ideas? was there some sort of bulletin that came out for this model...
  18. R

    Valet Auto Buying

    If you are looking to buy a new GMC in the Kansas City area, Randy Curnow Buick GMC is the home of the Valet Auto Buying Experience. When you find the right vehicle we will bring it directly to your home, work, or most convenient location. If are not able to find what you are looking for on...
  19. R

    1993 Sierra: How to read dtc codes?

    Dear all, I have a a Tech2 with a GM datacard up to 2009. I use it on my '08 Corvette with another connector. I have problems in using this Tech2 on a '93 Sierra. When I plug in my Tech2 I cannot power it up, so I use external power supply to start up my Tech 2. When my Tech 2 powers up, I...
  20. A

    Lift Kit Help!!!

    I really want to lift my 2002 sierra Z71 more. Currently i have a 3 inch body lift and 33 inch tires, i really want to go bigger :D I think i have decided on the rough country 6 inch suspension lift kit ($1000.00) If i leave the 3 inch body lift what size tires will i be able to fit? I know it...