1. A

    2013 Yukon XL Denali Slipping Out of Gear When Stopping

    My 2013 Yukon XL Denali recently started slipping out of gear when coming to a complete stop at a red light, stop sign, etc. Once I let off the brake, it kicks back into gear but can take up to 3 seconds to do so. If I hit the gas prior to it kicking back into gear, it kicks in really hard...
  2. Y

    All Aluminum Champion Radiator

    I just bought an All aluminum Radiator from (Champion) a brand I have used on classic cars. Seemingly persistent cooling issues in my 04 and throughout these forums for the early years. Has anyone used the Champion 3-core on any of these and if so how did it perform? I have used them primarily...
  3. E

    2013 Yukon Denali 6.2L Engine/Lifter Issues

    I have a 2013 Yukon Denali that possibly has a broken lifter or camshaft? It only has 49K miles on it, and has never been used for anything more than the daily commute and running errands. Has anyone else had this problem? If so, did you have to have the motor rebuilt or completely replaced...
  4. E

    New to Forum

    Hi my name is Liz and I own a 2013 Yukon Denali 6.2L. I bought the Denali used 2 years ago with 33K miles on it and now it only has 49K. This is my 2nd Yukon and until recently have vowed to only purchase Yukons as they were my favorite SUV. Why until recently, you ask? Well, 2 days ago I was...
  5. G

    Selling ($8,300): Yukon Denali XL 2003 (180,275 miles)

    Hi Everyone, Sadly, I am selling my 2003 Yukon Denali XL ($8,300). I am the only owner of the car. It has been carefully maintained since purchase in 2003, and I have extensive service records to verify the mechanical quality and upkeep. I can also put interested buyer's in touch with my...
  6. Y

    2011 Yukon XL Denali Misfiring

    2011 Yukon XL Denali 2wd. CEL was giving a oil pressure sending unit failure which is in line with oil pressure gauge at zero. Today I removed fuel rail and manifold to replace oil pressure sending unit. While I had the manifold out I replaced o-rings and gaskets. Being the 6.2L engine I...
  7. F

    Driver's power seat won't adjust up in front

    Managed to lose my keys in a store and had to call a locksmith. Guy that came to rekey the Yukon was on the larger side and had to move my seat back some and kept his knee in the seat, leaning in to to work inside the steering column. I didn't realize what this had done until I went to adjust...
  8. Z

    2015 Yukon Denali XL- engine seized, no warning lights, gauges read normal

    First time poster, long time GMC customer. 2015 Yukon Denali XL 63,000 miles 4wd. Got in the vehicle to take my family out to dinner on July 10th, 2017. Less than .5 a mile after driving I noticed the idle wasn't right and felt a slight shudder. I slowed down and looked for a place to pull over...
  9. JDubb1975

    Hello from DFW!

    Hey fellow GMC/Chevy/Cadillac owners/repair men/enthusiasts. I am a father of 6 from the DFW area, I have owned 2 Suburbans and this is my first Yukon. I buy and drive them out of necessity (large family) and because they are safe and traditionally of superior quality to same size vehicles of...
  10. P

    2014 Yukon Denali wheel pitting

    I just noticed that the wheels are pitting/peeling. Of course, I am at 40K miles so past the warranty. Dealership doesn't really care. My sister has an 09 Yukon Denali and same thing happened but she got her wheels replaced after warranty expired. She's a lot crankier than I am. Anybody...
  11. M

    2004 Yukon Denali 3rd Row seat part #

    I am new to the GMC world and I just picked up a 2004 Yukon Denali and one of the 3rd row seats is missing what looks like a rubber insert that is supposed to be screwed on the the mounting bracket. The picture attached show the rubber insert. I am hoping someone can help me out with a part...
  12. J

    Default radio station at ignition?

    Hey GMC Owners, I have a 2012 Yukon Denali and every time I start the car it defaults to the same radio station rather than the station I was on when I turned the car off. I have searched through the manuals and have not been able to find an explanation, setting or feature. Any ideas on how...
  13. C

    Air only blows through defrost and floor vents

    I have a 2002 GMC Yukon that has the air only blowing through defrost and floor vents. I recently had to get a new battery and this is when this started. I have already tried the recalibration trick where you unplug the battery or HVAC fuse for several minutes and then plug back in and put the...
  14. C

    2015 yukon automatic shut down

    I have a 2015 yukon slt since I had the transfer case recall completed. Now when I am driving a "Service 4 wheel drive " error comes on and my vehicle shuts off on its own I have to wait 5 min before I can start it again this logs no codes for the dealership and it's happening often 4 times in...
  15. V

    *!!!*Need help with speaker/stereo/head unit Q's!!

    Ok, so here's the dilemma... My husband just bought me a 2008 gmc yukon. It is a non bose model and has the after market rosen gm0710. I like the layout of the head unit with the back up camera, BUT there's just so many problems. For starters, I can't figure out how to get the NAV to work. It...
  16. 2

    07 Yukon No start after tire pressure & stabilization lights

    Tried to reset tire pressure sensors and both stabilization & traction control lights came on. Yukon will not turn over although all lights on the dash work. Thanks for ideas.
  17. L

    2003 GMC Yukon XL 1500

    I am wondering if anybody has any suggestions for me. Here is the story... (a little back ground info, I don't know if this is important or not) In May of 2012, we were going on a little road trip. The car started hesitating quite a bit while on the interstate (going 76 mph). The check engine...
  18. G

    2003 Yukon Denali Bottom 100% Rusted

    I am 100% disappointed in the condition of my yukon. I am the only owner since 2003 and barely used the car it is only at 68k miles right now all i used it for was to bring kids to school and a few road trips. Recently i was out to get some gas and on my way home the brakes failed while i was...
  19. E

    Front Airbags for 2007 Yukon

    My 2007 Yukon got broken into a few days back and, along with a couple of overnight bags, I'm pretty sure they jacked my front airbags too. Without having had time to get the truck into a shop for confirmation, my only real "evidence" is the tell-tale crack in the dash many say they ended up...
  20. S

    do you like your Yukon

    We are looking at trading in our 2009 Acadia for a 2012 or 2013 Yukon XL. Have had nothing but problems with the acadia. It's been inthe shop about every four months for the two years we've owned it. Are the post bailout Yukons better or will we be in for another lemon