01 yukon wont start..says i have no gas and no oil in it but i do


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Jan 1, 2021
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Okay, I bought this yukon. Havent had any trouble with it. Had a trailor hooked to it. Was trying to back the trailor up beside the house, was turned to sharp and almost Jack knifed it or whatever. Put it in park so my boyfriend could come back it up. and when he put it back in drive it died. Wouldnt start again. It would turn over but wouldnt catch or crank. Popped the hood. And apparently my computer was only attached by a bungee strap and it had fell and was just hanging down and almost wedged in between my driver side tire and the frame. Had to get in and turn my steering wheel so we could pull the computer back up. Everything was still coming on and stuff so figured it was okay. . went on to try figure out why it wouldnt start. My gauges all of a sudden said I had no gas and no oil in it. All my other gauges worked except for those 2. And I had about a 1/4 a tank of gas and checked my oil and it was full too. Checked my fuel line and I wasnt getting any fuel in the rail so assumed it was my fuel pump. Spent 4 hours changing the fuel pump and all that. And same thing. Still wont start and I'm not hearing the fuel pump kicking on at all. Checked my fuses and the relays first off btw. They were all fine. Any other ideas. ?