04 yukon xl factory stereo wiring issues!!!


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Jan 7, 2022
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So I bought this 04 yukon xl 4x4 and the previous owner I guess had cut the wires for the factory stereo instead of just purchasing the aftermarket stereo adapter so you can just pretty much plug and play. Anyways I've been trying to figure out what wires are what and for whatever reason I'm having some major issues finding out the power wire and mainly just splicing all the wires back together which I thought I had done but still not working and I'm not finding any burned out fuses either so I guess my main question would be does anyone have a factory stereo wiring diagram they can send me or possibly explain to me what I'm doing wrong cause I hate driving a vehicle without having any tunes. I was able to test the stereo and yes the factory one does have power but when I tried wiring it back up it wouldn't power up and I've spoken to the previous owner also and he said before he did what he did to try and put in an aftermarket stereo it was working just fine so idk what I'm possibly doing for it not to work for me. I also have a cheap aftermarket double din touch screen stereo I wanted to try and put in but frankly right now I just want some music and putting the factory stereo back in seems to be the quickest option at the moment. Anyways I would greatly appreciate anyone that could help me out by either sending me the correct diagram for my 04 yukon xl cause all the ok ones I've found online dont seem to match up to what I have or seem to work at all and I've tried everything besides talking to someone that's in a forum like I'm trying to do with this one. Anyways thank you for your time and don't waste yours or my time with running your mouth cause I am a noob to owning a gmc or chevy and I've im installed an aftermarket stereo in my 95 honda years ago and that was no problem at all so I'm not completely new to doing something like this but for whatever reason I just cant get it to work for me in my yukon so any help would be greatly appreciated more than you'll even know..

Thanks again