05 Jimmy AC Clutch Grinding


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Aug 3, 2020
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Hello all, a couple days ago my 05 Jimmy started making a grinding noose when I turned the engine on. After a couple minutes the grinding noise stops. After some troubleshooting I determined the noise was coming from the compressor clutch.
If the vehicle is started without a.c. turned on, the grinding is loud, but stops when the a.c. is switched on. It also stops after a couple of minutes even if the a.c. is not turned on.
If the vehicle is started with the a.c. on, sometimes there is no grinding, sometimes it grinds for a short time until the clutch engages.
While the a.c. is on and motor is running, the clutch will randomly disengage, most of the time not making a grinding, but sometimes making loud grinding. It engages again a short time later, but sometimes seems to have a hard time.
It seems to me that if the a.c. is on full blast the clutch disengaged less frequently, causing less grinding.
While the engine is off and keys out of the ignition, the clutch is not free rotating, but if some force is used it will turn (friction prevents it from being free rotating). The clutch also wobbles a bit, creating air gap on one side, but no air gap on the opposite side.

I have looked into several options to fix this without costing and arm and a leg to replace the entire compressor:
Adjusting the clutch outwards slightly with the clutch plate removal tool, or replacing clutch (potentially pulley as well if necessary).
Also I have seen 2 approaches to bypassing the compressor with shorter belts, one approach removed the idle pulley and bypassed the compressor, with enough clearance above the water pump still; while the other added a pulley to the extra mount on the compressor mount.

I would like to get back on the road soon here, but I am hesitant to go far with the potential for grinding, and the possibility it will cause more problems if I drive as is.

If anyone has some advice for me to make this work without changing the entire compressor that would be great.