07 Envoy; no chimes & no sound from radio

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Oct 16, 2020
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HELP PLEASE!! I have an 07 Envoy and for some time the radio hasn’t worked, maybe about a month or so. Until then it use to just take about 30min-hr to start so I just thought it was SiriusXM sending bad signal but recently realized that the chimes are not working either. The seatbelt, key in ignition, door open..etc, none are working.. I thought it was just the speakers. Thinking if one went out the other wont work, I bought and installed 2 front speakers.. SURPRISE... that did absolutely nothing. The day after I installed, I realized that the radio had reset back to 12:00 sometime during the night. That had happened once before too. Seemingly, everything else is normal. Does anyone have ANY idea what is up? What did you do to fix this problem? (It is not Bose) the amp fuse is not blown, checked that first. 🤷‍♀️