1500 rear axle gearing


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Hey guys. I'm shopping for a 2013/2014 AWD. It seems most of them have the 3.42 axle. Does anybody know if they were ever sold with higher ratios like 3.72 and how common they are? Thanks.


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Just trying to source a front diff with the 3.73 which mine is supposed to have according to the vin. The former owner said he played with the gearing but I think he actually put on smaller tires. I had the front one repaired once and the mechanic bought a new set of gears. (I just do not recall what set they were) If you want to change yours it seems likely you could get it done as if there are sets for mine there most likely are sets for yours. I assume you want to pull something a little heavier without taking forever to get somewhere. So there must be a data bank for the vins to see what you can get without actually doing a manual rotation once you jacked up the vehicle or pulled the driveshaft.:eek: