1992 Yukon Driver seat question


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Hi all,
I have the old 2 door Yukon with the driver power seat with the controls in the front of the seat. It parks outside and yesterday I couldn't get the seat to go back. I think it may be temperature related since this started after the weather started getting cold. The motor is working and it sort of tries to move but just won't . It's been pretty slow since I bought it. I suspect the track and mechanisms desperately need cleaning and lubing.
I have 2 questions
With the seat all the way forward, are the seat mount bolts still accessible?
If not ,how can I get to them? I won't be able to look at them until later this week.
2nd question: Are there other seats from GMC models with a Manual seat that I can bolt in? Mount bolt pattern the same? What year and model?
Thanks in advance.