1994 GMC G2500 Vandura (eurovan) - electrical questions


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Sep 15, 2021
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Clarkston, WA
I bought a 1994 GMC G2500 Vandura (eurovan) a couple weeks back. Runs great but does have some electrical issues.

#1 the drivers side window switch does not work on the drivers side window, but does work for the passenger. The passenger does work as well, however it only controls the passenger side. The drivers side switch, I did replace but its still not working. There is a single fuse that I found which was initially tripped, thus neither side was working, however, after replacing that fuse the passenger started working. There is not another fuse for the drivers side is there?

#2 all the 12volt cigarette lighters in all three windows (2 - driver side and 1-passenger side) powers are dead, no power to them whatsoever. the lighter in the 3rd door doe work though. There is a fuse panel behind the drivers seat, it does have power and all the fuses have been replaced. none of these fuses were blown but I swapped them out just for good measure. I am not even sure if this fuse panel powers these 12v lighters or not...if power does not come from here, what does the fuse panel behind the drivers seat feed and where does the power to the windows 12v lighters come from?