1996 gmc sonoma 2.2L M/T


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Nov 27, 2019
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So I currently own a 96 gmc sonoma sle 2.2L with a manual transmission and am having an issue with the 20amp ecu/batt fuse continuously blowing out on me. At first it only happened if I was backing up and gave a moderate amount of throttle and let the clutch pedal up quickly but now it has progressed to the point that it happens even just trying to drive the truck at all. The most I've made it currently was no more than 800feet and then it blew the fuse and died out on me. I just redid the wire connections for the fuel pump connectors with heat shrink and replaced the coil pack that I hadn't yet replaced. Haven't had a chance to test drive it yet to see if I fixed the problem at all but still wanted to see if anyone had any insight as to what might be going on.