1998 gmc jimmy problems


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Howdy folks new here. I’ve got a 1998 gmc jimmy 4.3 vortex. Ran great for 5 years now it’s got hard start rough idle an random miss fire. Take about 5 seconds to start idles up to about 1000rpm the spits sputters an dies. Second crank it stays running but very rough idle an exhaust smell weird. Has new computer,icm,cam n crank sensor, coil, idle air control, and distributor cap plugs an wires also. It’s burning a full tank every 180-200 miles. At high way speed it seems to clear up though. I have a code for o2 sensor an high voltage at icm.
What direction do I go now ? Injectors ? It was just running like a new truck 4 months ago I drive it to an from work about 30 miles a day. Any help would be great thanks folks


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Similar Problems with Tahoe

I've got similar problems with my 1997 Tahoe (I was actually here looking for help with my '99 Jimmy, which has different problems). It ran pretty well for 300K miles, then I lost compression on two cylinders (I still have 6), and it runs like crap now. It barely starts, chugs around town, but it runs OK on the highway. Did you ever try diagnostics with one of those ODB testers?