1999 gmc jimmy wont start


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i have a 99 jimmy 4x4 it has fuel spark and good compression but won't start ive replaced plugs wires rotor cap coil fuel filter and computer the fuel pressure is at 64 pounds at the schrader valve if i dump gas in the throttle body it tries to start then puffs smoke out the intake never comes above 100 rpm new timing chain as well any ideas let me know please and thank you


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Same problem

I hope you found a solution for this problem! I have the exact same symptoms on mine. 60 psi fuel at the sharder valve, good spark at the end on the spark plug wires, rotor points to #1 at TDC, compression sounds good (not gauge tested yet), power at the injector gang plug, MAF is within voltage specs, MAP tested good. Was driving it when it just shut down in Houston traffic! Oh joy! No catastrophic sounds, oil pressure was around 45psi, water temp normal voltage at 14.2 according to the gauges at the time of occurrence. Will not fire even with starting fluid. Been on this for three days straight! We're having to rent a car as this is our only vehicle atm and that budget is reaching the end. Desperate to find a solution!!! Please help!