1999 GMC Savana interior colour


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My interior is a little bit destroyed (by pre-owner), and I'd like to repair it. I don't want to make all new upholstery, but some of trims need to be changed (especially in cargo).
And I have to buy the same kind of material "by the yards", but I don't know the name/symbol/number of colour. It seems to be silver-green.

I know that the car is from 1999, but looking on some pictures, I think it is standard/typical colour used in vans from 80's to 2000 or newer.

Does anybody know symbol of colour?



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This looks like a conversion van, try contacting the manufacturer of the conversion or search the web for info on them. A lot of the trim and the seats are not going to be what comes standard on the van, at least in my previous experience it isn't.


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Yes, You're right.
The car is made by Imperial Automotive Group Inc., a Starcraft subsidiary in Elkhart.
But IAG is not existing company, and the same Starcraft is out of business, I think.