1999 gmc savana will double din radio fit?


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want to change to double din radio not sure will fit in dash
@Hanz which double din head unit did you pick? Would you recommend it?

Sorry for being off-topic. I'm looking for a good stereo and can't make my mind up which one is the best.

There are so many aftermarket stereos that it's hard to find a good one. Many of them have one digit difference in their name. Anyways I've been reading reviews on the nets and they are all hype. Most of them downplay the negatives and hype features like 7" as if it would be that important. I've found a different blog and I've set my heart on the pioneer 2550nex. The thing I liked about this blog is that it says it how it is. No sugar coating no BS. This pioneer review is a bit critical. It has highlighted some flaws that put me on the fence. What do you say?

Any tips?