1999 Jimmy Crank No Start


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4.3 Vortex engine.I hope someone here found a solution for this problem! I was driving when it just shut down in Houston traffic! Oh joy! No catastrophic sounds, oil pressure was around 45psi, water temp normal, voltage at 14.2 according to the gauges at the time of occurrence I ran the following tests and found: Checked and verified all fuses and relays operational, I ran the Pass Lock reset just to be sure Security light went off normally before and after test, have 60 psi fuel at the sharder valve, good spark at the end on the spark plug wires, rotor points to #1 at TDC, compression sounds good (not gauge tested yet), power at the injector gang plug, MAF is within voltage specs, had a P0800 code but MAP tested good, cleared code it did not return upon cranking. Will not fire even with starting fluid. Been on this for three days straight! We're having to rent a car as this is our only vehicle atm and that budget is reaching its end. Desperate to find a solution!!! Please help!
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I've got the exact same problem on my 1999 Jimmy; difference being mine started after while. Same thing happened a few days later. Right now it's running. I'm going to run the same diagnostics you did.
However, I doubt a single dropped cylinder will cause those symptoms. It may be hard to start and run like crap, but it won't suddenly stop while you're driving it. I've lost two cylinders on my 97 Tahoe, it runs like crap and is hard to start, but runs OK at steady speeds. If I find anything else, I'll let you know.