2001 Yukon random no start


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Oct 20, 2019
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Hello everyone..Im at my wits end...2001 Yukon. Starts,runs fine for undetermined amount of times. Then out of the blue , no crank. All the dash components work. Door dinger works. Security light flashes until door closes ,then it stops. I have tried the passkey/passlock key relearn sequence to no avail. I have replaced the ignition cylinder, checked the battery and all wires, connections and grounds. Replaced starter and ignition relays as well as ignition 20 amp fuse. Pulled starter, checked wires for breaks and bad connections, cleand up the starter and put it back in. The truck cranked up fine for five or six starts and then no crank again....I had this happen on the paking lot of a grocery store, disconnected and reconnected the battery, tried the key pattern etc...had it towed to a mechanic. They started it right up and couldn't find anything wrong,,,no error codes no nothing...it started up multiple times while at the mechanic...picked it up and had no issues for about 4 days and then one morning it wouldn't crank....its a vicious circle of uncertainty. From looking at the internet and other forums it seems to be a common issue, but yet no one has an answer for my situation...any help would be awesome...thanks