2003 Envoy Knocking Noise Over Bumps


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(Miles is 171,000) When driving over bumps I hear a knocking noise. I have replaced the sway bar links on all 4 wheels. I jacked the car up and everything looks tight. I placed a bar under the front tires and it was tight so I think the ball joints are ok. The struts have never been replaced but the shock assorbers see to be tight. Any thoughts! THANKS!


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I have a Mini Cooper D 08 Plate, and I am finding at low speeds a sort of knocking/ Rattle noise from the rear of the car.

I have made sure there is nothing in the boot or back seats and have clicked in the seatbelts but am not sure where its coming from. The exhaust seems tight too, has anyone got any ideas? Or has anyone got the same issue?