2003 GMC Dually Stock Helper/Overload Leaf Spring Configuration?


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Oct 20, 2020
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I have a 2003 GMC 1 Ton Dually Long Bed where the previous owner has removed the Stock Rear Helper/Overload Leaf Springs. I would like to reinstall them, but I have only the original Springs, and NO Hardware. It's obvious that there are supposed to be some sort of contact points (I don't know what they are called) for the ends of the Springs to push against, but they have been removed from the Truck Frame, and then lost. What I'm hoping to learn is what these "contact" pieces are called, and their OEM part numbers. I don't know if there are any other pieces missing (Spacers?) etc. All that I have are the left and right pair of 2 leaf Spring pairs. It seems to me that the Helper Springs are supposed to bolt directly to the Top of the Main Leaf Springs? And the missing "Contact" Points bolt directly to the Frame. A photo of the stock Spring setup would be helpful to me.

Thanks in advance for any help that you are able to provide!