2003 shocks need to be replaced


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Feb 20, 2018
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Whenever I take corners or hit the brakes at traffic lights I can tell a difference in the way it rides. All of my turns used to be sharp for the most part and my stops relatively smooth. Whereas now things are rough sledding. Everything’s rattling and making noises. So I had to take it in for an inspection which turned out how I thought it would. The technician said the suspension components were pretty much shot and that’s why I was getting all the noise and vibration. So it’s looking like I need to seriously think about replacing both the front and rear suspensions. Which I was afraid it was going to be rather costly until I started searching online for parts. I stumbled onto a site called apx auto parts when I was on ebay. Here’s what I found http://apxautoparts.com/sensen-fron...95-05-chevrolet-blazer-lifetime-warranty.html. Take a look and tell me what you think. Should I keep looking?