2004 Yukon SLT AWD question


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Dec 22, 2020
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So we recently had a bunch of snow here in the Northeast and my driveway is a bit of an uphill run. I backed my wife's 2017 AWD Hyundai Santa fe and the New to me Yukon down the driveway to shovel around where we park ... after I finished i got in the Santa Fe to drive it back up and had to "lock" in the 4WD then turn off the "Stability control" so I could actually make it up the driveway..otherwise the tires would spin and the engine s power would cut back and id go nowhere... then with my Yukon, I had to actually turn the traction control on in order to get the 4WD or AWD to actually work, with the control turned off, I would just sit there spinning and my driver side rear wheel (the only one I could see from the driver seat) wasnt spinning at all.... so, the truck is supposedly all wheel drive, is that only with traction control on? if I turn it off when I drive in normal conditions, would that be OK? would I get better MPH? would it actually save some wear and tear on the vehicle? thanks!