2005 Jimmy intermittent noise in right front end.


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Brand new to this forum in the hopes someone may have some suggestions on this problem.
As this problem doesn't happen all the time the two places I've taken it to (one being a local GMC dealer) have been unable to figure it out.
When the vehicle is cold and I drive away there is never a noise, however if I go some place, stop for a bit and start to drive away sometimes there will be a low, almost whining sound from the right front end. It increases as the vehicle speeds up and decreases as it slows down. Here comes the weird part. If I slow down to almost a complete stop I will hear an almost inaudible little "clunk" and the sound goes away. Another way the sound will disappear is if I push the 4 High button and it immediately goes away. I then go back to 2 and it is still normal. While the sound is present there is no impact to performance, no chugging, nothing just that sound. The vehicle is in excellent condition with only 135,000 kms (approx. 84,000 miles). Very annoying problem as it only happens for that short period of time. It's not a wheel bearing as I had it replaced and it kept on. Any suggestions would be appreciated.