2007 Sierra (new style) 1500 Transmission Meltdown


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May 25, 2021
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Hello everyone, I’m new to this forum, I am a member of several other forums that have given great insight into some of my old Chevrolet issues, hoping someone here can help with this as well.

I have a 2007 GMC Sierra 1500 (new body style), I love this truck. About a year ago it was about to turn 300,000 miles so I decided to replace the engine with a Jasper engine, since I was going that route, I also replaced the 4L60 transmission with a Jasper transmission as well.

About 5 or 6 months after replacing the Transmission, I started getting some crazy warning lights. To be honest, about three years ago I would now and then get a Service Stabilitrack Traction Control light come on. It first happened after I engaged the 4-wheel drive at the beach. My local mechanic told me that it was common and probably because I rarely use the 4-wheel drive here in NC. It went off on its own and came on maybe three times over the three years before I replaced the transmission.

So the new issue is this, after I go on a long drive, (over 3 hours) the Service Stabilitrack light comes on, ABS light comes on, sometimes a check engine light, and the line under my gear selection disappears. At the same time. Sometimes the transmission will not shift into high gear, when it shifts from 1st to second it shifts very hard, knock your socks off hard. Once the truck starts doing this it is pretty consistent in that even after the truck sits over night, the lights will come on the next day during the day during normal driving, but not all day, it kind of comes and goes.

I don’t remember the exact codes that where showing, I want to say 1580, and maybe a 707 or a 700 code. I have a warranty on the transmission, so I took it back. They replaced the Transmission Control Module (TCM). Everything was fine, for a few months doing local driving. Then I drove on a 4 hour trip, the next day, after a few miles it started doing it all over again. I took it back, they ended up replacing the transmission mainly because they couldn’t figure out what was wrong.

A few weeks later, drove the truck for a few hours straight and it started doing it again. Took it to he Chevrolet Dealer, they replaced the TCM (again), and the wiring in the transmission. After I got it back, it started again after I drove a few hours. I took it back again to the Chevrolet dealer, they replaced the TCM, again, and some of the wiring connections as they believe it is a short somewhere. But they didn’t find anything that was that aha moment of here is the problem.

So now I have the truck back, I am fairly sure it isn’t the transmission, or the TCM. The lights have not come on, yet, but plan to take the truck out for a few hours next week.

Has anyone ever had this problem? I am tired of replacing parts that I don’t believe are this real issue, just what gets broken due to something else.

Appreciate any advice here.