2008 2500HD Fuel delivery issues...


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Aug 26, 2020
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Hello, I'm new here, sorry if this isn't allowed it is misplaced. I'm having issues with my truck; standard can, long bed with truck with the 6.0 gas and 4wd. It started cutting out while driving, idling terribly rough and not responding to the throttle. It would actually surge in rpm when I let off the throttle completely.. It's in the shop now and they can't trace the code back to anything definitive. Up to a grand just diagnosing and replacing the fuel pump as a best guess scenario. The shop owner is a friend and very knowledgeable but specializes in mustangs.. Just wondering if any of you GM geniuses knew what was going on. Both episodes occurred in heavy city driving, the first time the transmission got really hot(230) and the second, the engine did... Thank you for your time.