2009 GMC Acadia no crank/start


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Jan 6, 2017
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My neighbor has a 2009 GMC Acadia which they could not get started this morning and I got asked to go over and take a look at it since I'm known to turn a wrench or two on older vehicles. I got a good voltage reading at the remote terminals by the fuse box in the engine compartment, and when I accessed the battery in the rear I got a good reading from the battery terminals as well...the terminal fittings were free from corrosion and tight, and according to the owner the battery is new (it looks new). What happens is, when the key is turned to the Accessory position everything is fine and works although the engine light is on as well as what I believe to be a traction warning light (the message center indicates that one of the left tire pressures needs to be checked). When the key is turned to the cranking position there is a click and the entire panel goes out, no power to anything, key locked in the ignition. If I attach a battery booster to the remote terminals I get enough juice to get the ignition cylinder unlocked so they key can be removed. The click is louder that just a relay so I believe the solenoid is engaging or trying to. I put a battery booster on the remote terminals while just in case the battery was a hair shy of amps to crank, but it still would not turn over although the dash lights would flash on and off quickly, almost like an old school thermal relay. Vehicle does not have a sunroof and I don't see any indications of water. But for some reason as soon as the ignition is switched to the crank position everything cuts right out. Voltage drop during this is what would be expected so the starter is drawing current.

Any ideas on this? Experiences? Thanks in advance?