2010 Headlight replacement


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I thought I posted this an hour ago but I don't see it, so forgive me if it's a repeat.

Every video and description make replacing the headlight look really easy.

I have pealed back the inner fender wall and got the cap off of the assembly, but I can't get the bulb to budge.

The bulb that is in there does not feel anything like the new one and I can't get a very good look at it to describe it.

I bought the Acadia used. Is it possible that there's some screwy aftermarket thing going on?

Any ideas?


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I can get the clip off easy enough, but I can't reach to unplug it, and it won't come out without unplugging it first.

$104 at NAPA. Son of a...


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This can't be good.

Original (resized):

Trying to disconnect:

I'm pretty sure those wires were supposed to stay in the plug.

At this point, I'm going to take apart the front end of the Acadia and see exactly what I have.
You should be able to undo the spring clip and the silver box will come out. My guess is that you have HID lights, which may not be a DIY repair and are also pretty costly.


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It is a HID. The bulb alone is $105 from NAPA.

I gave up on the DIY bit and my mechanic is booked until Thursday of next week.

I can't wait to see the bill...