2013 4cyl No Crank No Start


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Jun 4, 2020
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My wife tells me the car won't start and the battery may be dead. After multiple attempts to jump-start, I had the battery tested and it was fully charged. When I turn the car on, all the gauges, lights, radio, etc. work properly, but when I turn the key to crank, nothing happens. I took the risk and bought a new starter and nothing changed. I checked the starter fuse and it did not appear to be blown. I then removed the fuse and put power to the fuse terminal and the engine turned over but did not run. I then thought the key fob might be dead because it was not working, so I changed the battery. Still no change and the key fob still did not communicate with the car. Oddly enough, I connected my OBD scanner, turned the key, and the car cranked and ran smoothly. I drove the vehicle around for ten minutes or so, with multiple shut offs and the car continued to crank and run. I woke the next morning and it would not start. I connected the scanner and it started. My wife works less than three miles from home and she drove it to work. She called me around noon saying the car would not start even with the scanner connected. The only outlying observation was about 24 hours before this issue, we had a decent thunderstorm. During the storm, I saw the amber running lights turn on and off a couple of times. Thinking someone was using the key, I found it sitting on the table so I was concerned for lightning. Any suggestions would be helpful.