2013 GMS Sierra 3500 Navigation Unit - Upgrade options???


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Nov 13, 2020
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Greetings all,
I am, as of yesterday a proud owner of a 2013 GMC Sierra 3500 Denali. I love the truck and am still working on figuring out all the buttons, options and instruments. I have found much that I love and just a few things that I do not. I am looking for suggestions on the items that I find less than appealing. In order of importance to me!!!

1 - The factory-supplied Truck Navigation System - Wow, when was this designed, feels like the '90s. In any event, I am looking to see if anyone has upgraded this dinosaur. The fact that it does not support Bluetooth audio, Android auto, or nearly any modern feature astounds me. I recently sold a 2014 Camaro and it had all of those features. Is there a suitable replacement for this unit that will blend well with the interior of the truck and function properly with the rest of the trucks electronics?

2 - The side view mirror - I have nearly every option that was available in the 2013 but the side view mirrors don't appear to extend automatically when towing. Is there an option that can provide this?

Any help is appreciated and thank you for letting me join the group!!