2013 Sierra SLE 4x4 ABS light, Traction Control, Stabiltrak

David L

New member
So I am getting a C00500 code Right rear wheel speed sensor circuit no signal. So I changed the sensor. Didn't fix anything. Took an active test. Both front wheels reading fine. No signal from rear wheels. Unplugged the EBCM cleaned with some electrical cleaner. Took a reading on the plug at the rear wheels. Almost 5 volts on the plug. Not sure how to get a signal off the sensor have not tried. What is next replace the EBCM? I hate to just throw parts at this thing. I dont have a diagram of the EBCM plug to see if the wheel sensor wires go there which I bet they probably do. Just do not know which pin. Anybody deal with this? Oh. New brake switch too