2014 suburban 40,000. Only noise form under the hood video attached


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Hi guys I bought gmc suburban 2 years ago has only 40,000k on it once I took it for ride through my country start to make noise under the hood once I opened the hood really I couldn't realize from where it came that sound also video attached. Also I took it to the dealership they told me we have to open it up all the engine a part so we can catch the problem. That will cost me much money.!


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Sounds like an idler or tensioner on your serpentine belt - an easy fix for a DIY'er or a very small job at a shop (order a new belt while your're at it). If you remove the belt and spin the idler and tensioner you will be able to tell if the noise is coming from there. If the dealer is telling you they need to "take the engine apart", take your business elsewhere.


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To isolate the noise: get a funnel, attach a length of heater hose to it, put the funnel to your ear and move the open hose end around the engine bay. Old school stethoscope. This should tell you if the noise is inside the engine, a pulley, a belt, your neighbours cat, etc.