2015 Acadia Denali A/C compressor fire


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Recently had an issue with my 2015 GMC Acadia Denali where the vehicle "shutdown" while driving. Initially thought it was a bad battery, then bad alternator. Took it in to the mechanic and they found that the A/C compressor had signs of being on fire, which caused damage to the alternator. $3000 later, the issue is fixed (new A/C compressor, new evap expansion valve, new condenser, new alternator).

I did some quick Google searching as well as on this forum and didn't see any reports of anyone else having this issue.

Has anyone experienced a similar issue or have ideas on what may have caused the A/C compressor 'fire' (which then damaged the alternator)?

Can I pursue a claim for this with GMC ? This is abnormal and very dangerous.