2015 GMC Yukon XL SLT Check Engine light code P0172 & P0175 Running Rich??


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Aug 10, 2020
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I just purchased a 2015 GMC Yukon XL SLT with 120K miles. Driving off the lot at dealership(Chevy/GMC dealer)the check engine light came on and the dealership has been trying to do the right thing and fix it but we are going on the 3rd attempt this week. We have only had the vehicle a total of 6 days in 3wks of purchase. The codes run P0172 and P0175 each code says Fuel Trim System Rich Bank 2 which has been consistent with what the dealership has been telling me. The first time they said they changed the spark plugs and wires they returned the vehicle to me and literally the first time I go out to leave in the vehicle the check engine light turns back on. It was literally dropped off an hour before. It went back to the dealership and spent a week there and they said it was the same issue and they changed some gaskets because the engine was getting to much air(No Idea what gaskets that's what they told me). I go and pick up the vehicle and drive an hour home with no issue and 2 hours later the family and I go to leave and the check engine light is back on. I personally just went and had diagnostics performed on it and the codes were consistent with what the dealership has been telling me giving me the above codes a total of 2 times each. I contacted the sales person I have been dealing with since buying the car and they will be coming to get it again tonight or tomorrow.

Obviously my wife and I are very frustrated but I appreciate the dealership trying to do the right thing and resolve the issue. We are nervous though that this is more serious then we know and have a potential major issue on our hands. Anyone with any experience dealing with this issue and should we be concerned? Thank you in advance!