2015 Yukon XL - driver's side wind noise..."popping" with Door Adjustment...


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Nov 13, 2020
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Hi All! Just bought a 2015 Yukon XL...had a terrible wind noise right away after we got home...sounded like the window was literally cracked.....the Dealer we bought it from (GMC Dealer) changed the weather stripping....this helped a lot - both minimized the speed @which it kicks in and the overall severity - BUT this did NOT make it go away.....still very distinct, starting by 40MPH and terrible on the Highway....I'd say the Weather Stripping fix cured about 40% of it.....they then proposed a Door Adjustment after (and we agree) noting the Door was not flush with the back door seam.....very visible bump.....BUT, they "warn" this can create a "popping" sound if they adjust the door....I said "you mean so loud I have to part in the corner at the grocery story??"....they said "no, just more like your ankle popping when it's stiff"....and it apparentely doesn't happen on every adjustment they make, but it's known to.....

Has anyone had this door adjustment made?

Are you familiar with this "popping" sound?

Is the quietness example they gave accurate for what I'll hear if I go thru with this????

Thanks for all your thoughts!!!