2017 Acadia won't start


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My car has less than 5,000 miles on it and I had to have the roadside assistance people send out a truck today to jump it for the third time in two weeks.

I checked to make sure all of the dash lights were off before going into church this morning and then when I came out an hour later all of the lights/sounds started right up but the car wouldn't start until the tow truck guy jumped it. I drove it over to o'Reilly and the rep there checked the battery and said that the battery was "good but in it's final stages." The guy at the dealership last week said the battery was in great shape.

I was hoping to hear from other owners to see if this is happening to anyone else. I am super frustrated...


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Don't always believe what dealership people are telling you. When Oreilly guys checked the battery you should have asked what the voltage reading with engine not running. The fact engine started after a jump then you know its the battery. It's 2017 model so you have all the warranty. Why the battery failed so soon, may be someone switch and put in a older one.