2019 Terrain AWD Question


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Why even bother with FWD when you have AWD available?

So I was going to make a left hand turn the other day and there was a bit of traffic. I was waiting a bit to make a turn at a stop sign and finally there was chance to turn. A car was coming but I felt I had plenty of time. I went to turn left and tried to accelerate while turning and it was a mess. The road was wet and the front wheels just spun. When it finally did go the torque steer was bad.

Three days ago I put the care into AWD and it has been so much nice. I can accelerate quickly out of a turn or on wet roads and the wheels don't spin and their is almost no torque steer. So why didn't GM just always have it in AWD mode? I don't understand why anyone with AWD would have it in FWD only mode. What's the point of the FWD mode?


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Probably get a slight increase in fuel mileage, which is important to the manufacturer, not so much for the consumer.
Agreed, & the earlier Gen 1 Terrains do not have the option to switch from AWD to FWD.

You have to pick what you want when purchasing.. I'm used to the FWD in my 08 HHR 2LT Panel.