2020 Terrain Transmission problems


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May 12, 2021
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A friend of mine leased a 2020 Terrain SLE. Currently has about 3,000 km....one day he was travelling about 100 km per hour and dropped to 80km per hour. The transmission shifted to neutral and shuttered. He was afraid to put it back in D, so he coasted to a stop. He called the dealer and was told not to drive past 70 km per hour. He’s an 80 year old senior. He was so miffed he wants a new car. Long story short a mechanic took the car out and it performed the same thing. Transmission guy says he knows what is wrong and a part that costs $2100.00 will be ordered...no charge to the owner...gave him a rental...a 2019 Terrain SLT. Sure enough he got his car back and just recently the same problem happened again. He’s really miffed at this point. Considering switching brands. Anyone knows about this problem?