Best Shock and Tires to use


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Sep 1, 2017
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For a 2005 Savana 1500 with the Explorer Package, I just got this vehicle and wanted to start out on the "right foot" so to speak. :D .
The front tires are Goodyear Fortera HL 265/50/R20SL and are in decent shape. The rear are mismatched but both are 265/50/R20XL.
The van seems to be a little "rocky" on bumps and such but with 65K mils and possibly the original shocks that could be the reason.
If i replace them, can anyone recommend what would be best for long drives with a full weight load?
I am sure i will be posting here again as this is a project of sorts. Trying to add enough 'creature comforts' to make this into a "Micro" sized RV. ;). If anyone has ever done this and has any suggestions they would be greatly appreciated. This one has the "Explorer" package but does not have the 120V AC outlets (which I would like to add)
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