Can you lower the Typhoon?

Turbo T 350

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Sep 14, 2014
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Hey Guys,
I was just wondering can you lower the Typhoon? If so what exact parts are required? I know you probably need drop spindles for the front and lowered Coil springs to as well. Ok for the back now that"s a different story. Ive herd that you need a 4 inch Stainless steal lowering block that goes right on top of the leaf springs were the differential is. Not only that but once you do lower the back it also changes the angle of the drive shaft which means that you will need an Adapter like a Universal U joint that connects from your Drive shaft to your Transmission because with out that adapter your Transmission will bang into gears and destroy your transmission very quickly.
If im incorrect about this please let me know but i think it makes sense this is what i herd years ago.
Thanks Guys