DEF tank issues


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Jan 9, 2021
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Just purchased 2021 Denali with 6.6 Duramax. Closing in on the 300 mile point, the check engine light came on. knowing it was going into the dealer for detail on following Monday, wasn't concerned about them looking into the issue.
The check engine light was on when the truck was dropped off. But was called to be told it went off. After detail, the light came back on, allowing them to plug it in. Came back with DEF tank heater failure code.
Service called around to other dealers to find a new tank. Several dealers had the part, but were unwilling to "part" with the part, saying these tanks were spoken for by customers that needed the tank. So basically I'm being told that over a dozen units have the same issue in less than a 250 mile radius. What's going on GM? Now I've been put on a list to GM for the part. Also being told to be prepared for a 30-45 day wait.
Has anyone had anything similar to this and what was your experience like and were you able to expedite anything on your end.
Thanks for letting me vent here.