Disable Auto Start/Auto Stop on 2020 Sierra AT4


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Hi Friends - I just purchased a 2020 GMC Sierra AT4. The truck is amazing. But, I can't seem to figure out how to "permanently disable" the auto stop/auto start function. Obviously, I can toggle the switch each time I start the vehicle, but I figured there'd be a place to disable it within the settings/preferences.

Am I missing something? Any input would be appreciated.



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i found this on the auto stop eliminator website.

In the United States, the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act offers consumer protection that prevents a manufacturer from denying a warranty claim simply due to the existence of an aftermarket component. The burden of proof is on the manufacturer to prove that the aftermarket component caused the failure. International buyers will need to check their local laws.

While we don't have control over your warranty, we haven't had a single report of a warranty related issue. For the most part, the dealership folks hate start/stop too so it's unlikely they'll give you any trouble. If you're worried, the device can easily be removed before taking it to the dealer. For most dealer visits the removal is unnecessary unless you're having a start/stop issue or an issue with the infotainment. In that case, it's probably easier to remove it then to take the chance of a service manager being difficult. When in doubt, you can always check with the service manager beforehand. That'll give you the best read on where they stand.