electrical issues. headlights stopped working


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hi everyone,

i really have no experience in electrical so any insight would be appreciated
i've owned my 93 sierra now for 2 years. love it.

soon after receiving it, the lights on the guage/speedometer display would come of and on whenever hitting a bump in the road, but haven't seen those in awhile. off completely now. the only and last light on the display that illuminated is the highbeam indicator, until tonight.

this week, having issues with headlights. the low beam stopped working, then tonight both high and low beam stopped working but the fog lights still work when headlights turned off. first time ever the highbeam indicator light on the guage display stopped working. now it's completely dark.

headlights, both high and low, will go out, then turn back on.

any suggestions on where to begin?

thanks so much


as for the headlights on and off
the headlights are on a thermo circuit breaker (no fuses)
have you added anything to the headlight system(fog/driving lights) (aftermarket headlight bulbs ie. hid, led etc. )
causing it to draw more power, which will cause circuit breaker to warmup and disconnect
i believe there is a headlight relay it may be faulty
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