Engine swap 1996 to 2000


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Oct 19, 2019
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East Central Hellinois (Illinois)
Greeting to all from East Central Hellinois! I just bought a 1996 Jimmy 4x4 with 130,000 on a knocking motor. I salvaged a 4.3 out of a rolled 2000 S10 with 105,000. My intention was to do a simple swap however in doing some reading and a little research I've found things differ a little between them like the 2 engines have different part numbers for the GM Original Equipment Vapor Canister Purge Valves that apparently are not interchangeable and the oil pans drain from different locations etc.... Nothing horribly different but enough to concern me. If I install this 2000 and hook everything up is the 1996 ecm going to struggle with mismatched sensors.... so .... opinions please ....... should I put the 1996 intake head on the 2000 engine and use the 1996 sensors? Should I install the 2000 engine and install the 1996 sensors in it? I salvaged nearly everything I could from the 2000 including the wiring harness, ecm and a couple other things. I'm only doing this once and intend on installing all new sensors regardless of what engine combo goes in.