Extended crank when hot


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Hello, I have a 03 Sierra SLT with a 5.3 and ive been battling this extended crank issue I've been having. The problem is intermittent, sometimes the truck starts normal wether it's cold or hot. I've noticed it happens for sure if the truck has been running turned off then immediately try turning over. To me this indicated it wasn't a fuel pressure issue so I started by changing plugs wires and a new battery. No change. Then changed my air filter, MAF sensor. Still no change so I went back to the fuel system. Pulled the hose from the fuel pressure regulator and no fuel came out so to me it should be good. Changed the fuel filter still no change. So then I went and did the fuel pump and still to my surprise was no change. Took it to the shop and they told me my intake manifold gasket was leaking so I took the manifold off and changed the gasket. Still no change. Need some direction running out of parts to change